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Deconstructing Fitness Culture




The Fitness Industrial Complex as a framework and map our relationship to it



The roots of toxic masculinity in fitness culture



Sex and gender as social constructs



Accessibility for all bodies, identities, shapes and abilities

Through this course, we will begin to understand and define what the Fitness Industrial Complex is and the ways we can reshape our practice and reframe the relationship that we have with fitness, movement, and bodies.​


  • Original course material
  • Exclusive video tutorials
  • Access to industry experts
  • Group chat unique to your class
  • 6 Weeks
  • During the 6 weeks together will walk through:

    1. Introduction: What is the Fitness Industrial Complex and what is our relationship to it?
    2. Identifying the roots of toxic masculinity in fitness culture
    3. Sex & gender as social constructs
    4. All bodies, identities, shapes and abilities
    5. Reframing language: coaching is more than just programs and cues
    6. Moving beyond inclusion: seeing fitness through a social justice lens

  • Materials for each Saturday session will be released the Sunday beforehand, so be prepared to engage in homework and materials each week prior to the session meeting.

$299 General | $199 Patrons

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Summer Cohort:
June 12-July 17
Saturdays, 3-5 PM EDT

Fall Cohort:
October 9-November 13
Saturdays, 3-5 PM EDT

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