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Olivia Cadence Luxe

Olivia Cadence Luxe she/they

Olivia Cadence Luxe (she/they) is a trans femme strength coach based out of Philadelphia, PA. Seven years ago, she began the work of making strength training accessible to folks who are typically not welcome or invited onto the platform. Since then she has introduced over 100 people into the world of barbells, watched many people develop a relationship to the work and their bodies, coached folks into new levels of strength, and made a lot of friends along the way.

Ground Up Barbell Club is a no-to-low cost open gym and 1:1 coaching space that centers trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming folks, cis women, fat folks, Black and Indigenous people, and other POC. 

Founded in Olivia’s bedroom in 2014, it began as a $0 training club for people to learn safe and efficient form and programming. It has since expanded to its own small indoor and outdoor training space. Through the club, people are able to reserve time to lift alone or with a friend, book 1:1 sessions with Olivia, participate in small group outside instruction, or book individual and small group virtual resistance training sessions from their own home.

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