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What abolition of the fitness industrial complex looks like.

Deconstruct Fitness Culture

Learn how to move towards connection.

Gain Insight From Experts

Reimagine your personal and professional relationship with fitness, movement, and bodies.

Move beyond "Inclusion"

Understand fitness through a social justice lens to reframe language, coaching, and client goals.


After decades of fitness certifications being rooted in white supremacist patriarchy culture, our classes and curriculum focus on deconstructing the roots of fitness culture to transform it into something that is truly for everyone.

Deconstructing Fitness Culture

Defining and understanding the Fitness Industrial Complex.

Culture Check For Gyms

Consultation Services for a more collaborative and functional environment.

Move Beyond Inclusivity

Create a space of belonging for your staff and members.

Facilitation and Speaking

Hire our founder to speak at your upcoming panel, event, or conference.

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