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Justice Williams is the founder and principal trainer/educator for Fitness 4 All Bodies LLC courses, workshops, consulting and speaking engagements (F4ABLLC).  F4ABLLC processes that support Fitness institutions, gyms and studios to  create more multicultural, culturally competent, inclusive, equitable and just places to move and be in our authenticity.  By offering consulting and trainings around diversity and awareness, F4ABLLC hopes to shape a community that is free of discrimination.

Through F4ABLLC, Justice Williams uses his 17+ years of experience providing social justice/leadership development workshops, presentations, assessment and training of the trainers to provide professional development for staff within Fitness Institutions, gyms and studios.  F4ABLLC’s goal is to help these spaces incorporate, support and embrace diversity, equality and multicultural education.

F4ABLLC recognizes that every individual, institution or agency has different needs and is in a different place with embracing diversity and providing equality.  Our philosophy is that it is important to “meet people where they are” if efforts for culture change are to take hold and be effective.  F4ABLLC works with each organization to identify its unique needs and creates a process (which may include some combination of assessment, issue based workshops, training, curriculum development and individual coaching) to respond to the identified issues.  Workshops and trainings are designed to be highly participatory and are structured to ensure a balance of appropriate challenge and safety.  In order to shift culture, we understand that people must be willing to be open and question their definitions and actions.

F4ABLLC  makes every effort to provide practitioners with tools that they can use to support social justice by embracing diversity.  For example, during a professional development workshop for educators, we will share strategies for engaging students in dialogue about race vs. ethnicity.  We model how and what steps to take in order to create a safe space for such a critical dialogue.  

F4ABLLC is dedicated to providing a safe space for all participants to “dig deep” and share personal stories about being discriminated against or witness to discrimination.  This frames the work of culture change by understanding the individual.

Workshops and trainings 1) guide participants to rethink existing ideas about concepts like race, class, and gender equality and 2) encourage participants to choose to become agents of change in their own context.

“Building Healthy Communities” begins the conversation about diversity, equity, multicultural education and what is means to develop healthy relationships. F4ABLLC begins the groundwork with early level diversity activities that help set in motion a more forward-thinking vision of diversity and equity. In these workshops concepts such as the complexity of diversity and community development for equity and social justice are introduced. Participants are engaged in exercises and dialogues to develop a deeper understanding of their own views and how these impact their work and relationships with colleagues, students, parents, and others. 

IT workshops are for organizations that have some experience working with staff to understand the impact of race, class, gender ,sexual orientation and body oppression is on  the culture,  staff and clients.

IT workshops help managers and staff to critically examine their own workplace in a larger framework of social justice by looking at equity and inequity, privilege and oppression, power and disempowerment.  F4AB engages participants in difficult conversations that are essential to moving forward as an organization. How does inequality play out in your gym studio or institution?  What policy and accountability structures do you have in place to address these issues? Who has voice? Who is silenced?

F4AB conducts workshops focused on individual issues such as racial equity, gender equity, socioeconomic class equity, sexual orientation equity and body oppression.  These workshops combine the broadening of participants’ general understanding of the issue with dialogues and activities that encourage participants to think critically about their own roles in contributing to or challenging the inequity in question.  We can create trainings, in conjunction with workshops, to help staff develop strategies for addressing racial achievement gaps, sexual harassment, unacknowledged white privilege, homophobia or other equity related concerns.

F4ABLLC helps trainers, coaches and fitness professionals diversify their curricula and think more broadly about how their pedagogy and programming contributes to or detracts from feelings of inclusion and equity during workout sessions.  In these workshops F4ABLLC helps participants envision a multicultural awareness that is relevant to those being served.  F4ABLLC helps to create practices that engages diverse bodies and identities and helps trainers  develop practical strategies within a multicultural framework to transform the spaces they are a part of along with the programming and practices they coach.

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