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Founder & Executive Director

Justice Roe Williams

Justice Roe Williams (he/him) is a highly experienced intersectionality consultant with a sharp focus on dismantling patriarchal masculinity as it is defined by bell hooks. He has been a facilitator for over 20 years and in that time has worked with colleges, universities, non-profits, businesses, gyms and movement spaces to move “beyond inclusion” creating environments that are socially equitable for all. During this time he has facilitated hundreds of trainings that build a sense of belonging, contribute to leadership development, and highlight the importance of justice and equity within work culture.

Justice is a phenomenal public speaker and has traveled the United States and abroad as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker. As a black man of transgender experience, he interweaves his personal narrative while helping individuals to think critically about how intersectionality is a part of their personal experience and the importance of making social justice a daily ritual within all of our lives.

During Justice’s early years his activism focused on working to free political prisoners living in the United States, eradicating the school to prison pipeline, developing youth leadership throughout Boston, fighting for Trans Rights and accommodations to his more recent activism within the fitness Industry. It has been working in these spaces that gave him a deeper understanding of how to build healthier relationships across differences. He realized that if we are not talking about intersectionality we are not moving toward liberation.

Justice has been an artist since his youth and uses his voice to inspire and empower people to challenge unjust systems. He is a poet, writer, author and now co-editor of his anthology, Deconstructing the Fitness Industrial Complex: How to Resist, Disrupt, and Reclaim What It Means to Be Fit in American Culture published May 2023. He is currently excited about his new manuscript about masculinity and healing to be published 2025 both with North Atlantic Books.

Since 2014, Justice has worked as a fitness coach for Kettlebell Justice Training based in Boston. He is a body-positive activist who continues to create safe spaces for all bodies through his work with Fitness4AllBodies (F4AB). F4AB provides social justice education for all those within the fitness industry. He advocates for fitness being for everybody and the importance of trainers and fitness professionals using their status as gatekeepers to “act as a shield” to protect their clients and create safe, affirming practices and spaces.

A key component of his work has been working with people of all backgrounds to address and dismantle toxic masculinity and how it operates within white supremacist patriarchal culture. His work has been featured in Men’s Fitness, African Voices, NPR, Refinery29, Good Housekeeping, Pink News, the Boston
Neighborhood Network News, and more.

Facilitation + Speaking Engagements

Justice Roe Williams is an experienced presenter and has spoken at numerous industry events and conferences.

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