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Founder & Executive Director

Justice Roe Williams

Justice Roe Williams (he/him) is a Certified Personal Trainer, head coach at Kettlebell Justice, founder of The Queer Gym Pop Up and BodyImage4Justice, and Executive Director of Fitness4AllBodies

Based in Boston, Williams is a trans, body-positive activist that has been creating safe spaces for queer and trans bodies since 2013. He advocates for fitness being for everyone and the importance of trainers and fitness professionals using their status as gatekeepers to “act as a shield” to protect their clients and create safe, affirming practices and spaces.

A key component of his work has been working with people of all backgrounds to address and dismantle toxic masculinity and how it operates within white supremacist patriarchal culture—particularly in fitness. His work has been featured in Refinery29, Good Housekeeping, NPR, Pink News, and Boston Neighborhood Network News, and more.

Facilitation + Speaking Engagements

Justice Roe Williams is an experienced presenter and has spoken at numerous industry events and conferences.

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