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Upcoming Courses, Classes & Discussions

Reframing Masculinity with Tem Blessed

Friday, October 22 — 6 PM ET

Tem Blessed is a socially conscious Hip Hop artist that has been making relevant music with a message for over a decade. Born in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa to Cape Verdean parents, Tem has worked for over 18 years empowering youth. He is a graduate of UMass Amherst majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in African American Studies and Sociology. His music and message are about social justice, sustainability, and climate change and are designed to inspire the audience towards positive change and global responsibility.

Tem Blessed has shared the stage with national recording artists Common, KRS-1, and Ludacris. Tem Blessed is part of Blest Energy band, Author of Planeta Bu- Rise of Agoo, Artist in Residence, and the Arts and Culture Manager for Van Jones’ organization the Dream Corps.

Tem Blessed recently released his long anticipated graphic novel: Planeta Blu – Rise of Agoo. This 242 page afrofuturistic adventure is for young audiences and beautiful medicine for our world.

Lifting & the Inner Core

Saturday, October 23 — 6-8 PM ET

Hosted via Zoom. | Donation-based.

These are NOT your mamas kegels! In fact…kegels aren’t just for mamas! EveryBODY has a pelvic floor and learning how to incorporate it into your workouts can be really helpful for moving better and getting stronger!

In this workshop we will explore ways to connect your breath and pelvic floor, then use that dynamic duo in all of your lifts!

This workshop is taught by Cara Turnquist and Jill Mclean.

Calling All White Women

Monday, October 25 — 5-8 PM ET

$99 General | $49 for F4AB Patrons and getFIT615 “Wellness Includes Me” Mastermind Members

This is a workshop for moving beyond allyship towards a powerful community. We invite white women to have deeper discussions about their experience of gender oppression and white privilege. Building authentic relationships are challenging as we navigate the Fitness Industrial Complex. In order to work towards those relationships this is an invitation to take a deeper look at the ways white women use their gender oppression as a weapon through acts of supremacy against Black cis and trans women and other marginalized groups.

Participants will:

  • Understand white supremacy and their privilege while analyzing its intersection with internalized misogyny/sexism
  • Discuss the ways that they have internalized their otherness within white cis-hetero patriarchal capitalistic society
  • Share strategies of healing while understanding what it means to build stronger, authentic relationships while working collaboratively with a larger, more diverse community creating systemic change

This workshop is co-facilitated with Jess Thompson of getFIT615.

Neurodiversity & Queerness

Friday, November 19 — 6-8 PM ET

Hosted via Zoom.

This workshop fosters conversation around ideas of neurodiversity, intersections with queer experiences particularly around gender, and includes discussion of terms such as “autiegender” and “neuroqueer.” Our conversation will include considering these ideas within coaching and fitness contexts.

Community for Black & Indigenous Coaches



A lunch time discussion for Black coaches and instructors to build with one another, discuss our experiences in the field, and create a place of healing.

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