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Upcoming Courses, Classes & Discussions

Trans Awareness Month Live Schedule

Sunday, November 21 — 3 PM ET

Tommy (he/him)


Sunday, November 28 — 3 PM ET

Breanna (she/they)

Body Movement & Kettlebells

Saturday, November 20 — 12 PM EST

Held with Sabel Samone-Lorenca (she/her)

The Hidden History of Trans Day of Remembrance

Saturday, November 20 — 3 PM EST

Featuring Justice Roe Williams (he/him)

Neurodiversity & Queerness

Friday, November 19 — 6-8 PM ET

Now being held as an IG Live discussion.

This workshop fosters conversation around ideas of neurodiversity, intersections with queer experiences particularly around gender, and includes discussion of terms such as “autiegender” and “neuroqueer.” Our conversation will include considering these ideas within coaching and fitness contexts.

Calling All White Women

Monday, November 22 — 5-8 PM ET

$99 General | $49 for F4AB Patrons and getFIT615 “Wellness Includes Me” Mastermind Members

This is a workshop for moving beyond allyship towards a powerful community. We invite white women to have deeper discussions about their experience of gender oppression and white privilege. Building authentic relationships are challenging as we navigate the Fitness Industrial Complex. In order to work towards those relationships this is an invitation to take a deeper look at the ways white women use their gender oppression as a weapon through acts of supremacy against Black cis and trans women and other marginalized groups.

Community for Black & Indigenous Coaches



A lunch time discussion for Black coaches and instructors to build with one another, discuss our experiences in the field, and create a place of healing.

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