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Rebby Kern

Rebby Kern they/them

Rebby Kern (they/them) is a wandering spirit shining light into the lives of others. Rebby’s personal mission is to operate from connection, seeking justice and empowering voices. Rebby generates space for connection, empowerment and self-discovery through their 10+ years in LGBTQ policy and activism drawing connections to yoga asana and philosophy while uplifting experiences of intersectional identities. Their experience drives their passion to include diverse identities around race, gender identity, sexual orientation, body, ability and more. 

Rebby is an awarded national facilitator on race equity, gender justice and queer liberation within Rebby Kern Yoga, HRC Welcoming Schools and All Children All Families, as well as a consultant to educators, wellness leaders and professionals. 

Rebby serves as the Director of Education Policy at Equality NC, advocating for and investing in young changemakers, supporting policy reform and implementing LGBTQ-inclusive training and professional development across North Carolina. Rebby also serves as a board member of Youth OUTright, empowering LGBTQIA youth.

In 2019 Rebby was selected as one of the first lululemon Ambassadors for the newest Charlotte store, Atherton Mill. As a lululemon Ambassador, Rebby is able to lead in power in the Charlotte community and beyond. Rebby is the first non-binary person of color to represent lululemon in the region and continues to uplift voices of LGBTQ and BIPOC people who often don’t find themselves represented within the lululemon brand. 

As a person in recovery for 10 years, Rebby is a facilitator for Yoga 12-Step Recovery grounding their own practice in an addiction recovery model which connects yoga, neuroscience, and the practical tools of 12-step programs.

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