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Deconstructing Fitness Culture


Through this course, we will begin to understand and define what the Fitness Industrial Complex is and the ways we can reshape our practice and reframe the relationship that we have with fitness, movement, and bodies.



  1. Define the Fitness Industrial Complex as a framework and map our relationship to it
  2. Identify the roots of toxic masculinity in fitness culture
  3. Understand sex and gender as social constructs
  4. Create accessibility for all bodies, identities, shapes and abilities
  5. Reframe language: coaching is more than just programs and cues
  6. Move beyond inclusion and see fitness through a social justice lens


This is an online course.  All course sections, materials, and course submissions will happen online. For this first course, you will receive access to digital documents via Google Drive to complete your assigned work and get access to resources.

We will create a group chat for this course so that we can stay connected throughout our 6 weeks together. Some of our course materials will include movies and documentaries that you can find on Netflix.

You will receive access to your course load on the Sunday of each week. In this, we will share PDFs that you can download, save, and print that will provide curriculum content and additional resources to go deeper in your learning. We will also provide links to YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram that you will need to access for either your learning or as an additional resource.


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